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04 May 2023

How we built our AI system matching consultants against assignments

We’re a tech and design consultancy company. This means we’re continuously matching our ...
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19 April 2023

QueensLab in Japan - Teysir Esterwind

Expanding a business into new markets is a daunting yet exciting task... It requires ...
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13 April 2023

QueenGPT - Our Employee's Personal AI Chatbot

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28 March 2023

Taking QueensLab to Japan

End station Mars. Next stop Japan
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10 January 2023

UX trends for 2023

By: Adam Claeson / CDO / 10 January 2023 I look back at 2022 and think, wow what a year. ...
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12 October 2022

Award winning QueensLab about 2023: "We´re set for the US or Japan"

Behind the Swedish award for entrepreneurs Gasell 2022, ambitious plans hides in the ...
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10 October 2022

Your View Of Information Technology Is Wrong

Ok, the title is a little provocative; I admit I just wanted to get you here. The truth ...
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05 September 2022

QueensLab New Brand - Why?

As you might have noticed, we have a new visual identity! Our CDO Adam Claeson explains a ...
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02 September 2021

Double nominated in Sweden's largest design competition - Swedish Design Prize 2021

We are proud to say that QueensLab is nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2021 ...
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08 June 2021

Svelte and SvelteKit – Can it challenge Vue, React and Angular?

Frontend moves incredibly fast, maybe especially on the web and there are new frameworks ...
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27 April 2021

QueensLab continues its growth and opens an office in Stockholm

With high goals and strong growth, it is now time for QueensLab to expand outside of ...
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03 November 2020

OpenLab - The Battlesnake edition! 🐍

Welcome to our next OpenLab in Gothenburg - The Battlesnake edition! 🐍
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24 April 2020

4 reasons to hire a UX expert

Do you want to lower your development costs, strengthen your brand and reach your ...
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28 February 2020

Ada - the ultimate Queen!

Did you know that the first computer program was written back in the 19th century ...
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25 November 2019

Monitor Azure Service Bus with Elasticsearch & Azure Function with .NET Core 3.0

The problem Most people who have ever sat with Azure Service Bus as a transport layer in ...
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31 October 2019


Simply explained: PWA is, in short, the best of the web crossed with the best of the app ...
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