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PROJECT UX, design and development for IoT
WHAT WE DO UX/UI | Software architecture | Web | Cloud
CLIENT Raybased


  • Relatively low budget for design, implementation and marketing
  • 8-week time constraint for the whole project
  • Website must match existing digital corporate identity
  • Website should be deeply integrated into the HubSpot solution

Raybased is a long-term customer of QueensLab, which creates innovative solutions for smart real estate.

On behalf of Raybased, in 2018, QueensLab built a responsive web app (Progressive Web App, or PWA for short) with Vue.js to help Raybased's customers manage the consumption and status of their properties. A PWA looks and feels like a regular app to the user, but actually runs in a browser as it has many technical, financial and user-friendly advantages. The web app contains an API to observe IoT sensors in a building. The application supports installation and push notifications, where the communication between the API and the application is implemented in SignalR (websockets). The API itself is in .NET Core with code-first migrations.

For QueensLab, the project included both preliminary study, UX research and design, graphic design, backend and frontend development. The web app is used today to give property owners a clear overview in real time of water, electricity and energy consumption.

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