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When technology becomes humane

Read about how QueensLab developed a new concept, new design and a 2.0 PE Accountings website. PE Accounting has over 20 000 users in more than 800 client companies and have won the prestigious DI Gasell award for six years in a row.

  • How did we help?

    Branding, Identity, UX/UI, Development, Hubspot

  • How did we do it?

    3D, Motion Graphics, Video, HTML, CSS

The Challenge

PE Accounting had been growing their website for years and felt it was time to take the next step. Partly to find a message that better mapped to who they actually were and partly a design that did their product more justice.

"We still had a product that was very unique with an extremely high level of automation, but it was difficult to get it across in a way that matched reality - so that it appeared as exciting as it actually is.." says Magnus Serratusell Wallin, Marketing Manager, PE Accounting.

PE Accounting puts a lot of effort into automation while maintaining the human touch. They call it "tech with a human touch".

"We wanted to change the way we communicate. Clarify who we are and what we can do. Both through message and design.", says Magnus Serratusell Wallin and continues.

"We didn't just want to create a new website - we were looking for a whole new feel. We felt that it wasn't enough to just write new copy, we also had to come up with a whole new concept - to make everything much clearer.""

Challenges met, obstacles overcome

As result of analysing the background, ideas, vision and identity; QueensLab proposed a solution to showcase the full register of PE Accounting.

One of the people from QueensLab working on the project is the Chief Design Officer, Adam Claesson. When asked about the project vision he says:

"It became quite clear that they wanted to go their own way and stand out. It sounds easy but it's a difficult and brave thing to do when you're an established company."

The process in the development of the new 2.0 PE Accounting website relied heavily upon the company vision and the creation of a feeling of identity around the brand and the concept. It was also around this stage where the phrase "tech with a human touch" came into life.

Fortunately, PE Accounting had a good idea already from the start what they wanted to achieve with the project and there was never any doubt about what the purpose was.

Thinking back, Adam Claesson has a few words about the design:

"If you have a concept to start from when you start designing, half the job is done. Instead of just having a page with a nice design - you really get a concept with a website that really ties in with the brand - and like the core of the business."

Working with QueensLab

So, what exactly did QueensLab do in this project and what makes this project unique?

"Everything from UX, UI and 3D to develop the AI animation. In addition to a competent team when it comes to website building, it's the details of the animation that make PE Accounting's site unique." says Adam Claesson, CDO.

Finally, we ask Magnus Serratusell Wallin about the experience of working with QueensLab and how business value was directly provided through the collaboration.

"What worked absolutely best with QueensLab was finding a new feel and developing a new concept. We had a very professional collaboration with the team who in a short time found a concept with expressions that we could both get behind, and find a new way of being seen - which we hadn't had before."

When asked about what business values came from the collaboration, Magnus Serratusell Wallin goes on to say..

"I would say that one direct value was that all the people, both suppliers and customers and everyone we spoke to practically gave us extremely positive feedback about our new site."

Onwards and upwards

QueensLab would like to thank PE Accounting, including Camilla Drangel & Magnus Serratusell Wallin. We hope to work on many additional projects together.