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We are proud to say that QueensLab is nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2021 together with Belid Lighting Group.

The Swedish Design Award is Sweden's largest design competition, which annually awards prizes for the best visual communication, graphic design and identity.

QueensLab is nominated twice this year for our work with the lighting manufacturer Belid Lighting Group from Varberg, which we started working with at the end of 2019.

Graphic identity x2

The nominations are for a new graphic identity for parent company Belid Lighting Group and a major redesign of the graphic identity for the Belid brand. This is what Adam Claeson, who is responsible for design at QueensLab, says:

"It feels great fun to be nominated and it's extra fun that it's with two branding projects. We have a good collaboration with the customer who has been clear about where they want their brands to go and stand for. The difficult and interesting thing was to create two visual identities that have almost the same name, should breathe Scandinavian design, remind each other, but still distinguish themselves from each other. Clever, but I think the end result was really good."

The graphic identities are part of a larger brand investment by Belid Lighting Group for both the parent company and the brands Belid and Herstal. Jonas Algotsson, who is marketing manager for Belid Lighting Group, is also happy about the nominations:

"We are on a journey to reposition our brand Belid. An important step in this is to have a graphic identity that conveys what we charge the brand with. QueensLab has impressively succeeded in highlighting Belid's values ​​in the new identity, and it is great fun that this is recognized by the Swedish Design Award. That our parent company's graphic identity has also been nominated is extra fun and proof of the good collaboration we have with QueensLab."

Below you can see a taste of the graphic identities for Belid and Belid Lighting Group:

Belid_desktop_1 Umara_athlete
BLG_colors BLG_desktop_3
Umara boxes

Voting starts September 13

    The Swedish Design Prize selects the nominated entries for the competition, but then it is the people's vote that determines the winning entries. And then we need your help. Here's how to vote:

    1. Go to

    2. Open the category "Identity - Graphic identity"

    3. Click on the contribution "Belid Lighting Group" and vote

    4. Do the same with Belid in "Identity Redesign"

    ATTENTION! These last two steps are super important because otherwise the votes won't count.

    5. Click out of the contribution and scroll to the bottom of the page where you confirm your vote by filling in your email and clicking "Send"

    6. Verify your vote by clicking on the link in the email

    Voting runs until September 19, so vote now. The winners of the Swedish Design Award will be announced on October 14 at Berns in Stockholm.

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