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Did you know that a poor user experience has negative consequences for your business? But with the right tools, it's a superpower that can make your website convert up to 400% more.

Focus on the User Experience

Focus on the User Experience

Digitalisation is a comprehensive concept that ranges from technical systems to user interface design. Despite the wide variety of digitalisation, all its aspects share a common denominator: the user experience. In this article, we will explore how companies and individuals can benefit from digitalisation by prioritising and improving user experience.

Usability over aesthetics

Usability over aesthetics

It's easy to be attracted by a beautiful appearance, but when it comes to digital tools and solutions, it's more important to focus on usability. Take a juicer as an example. A simple plastic juicer can be just as effective as a more expensive and elegant design, if it delivers freshly squeezed, seedless juice.

In the digital world, it is equally important to prioritise usability over aesthetics. A well-designed digital product or service should be intuitive to use and effective in meeting the user's needs and wants. By focusing on usability, companies can build trust and loyalty with their users and create a positive experience that transcends purely visual aspects. In this way, usability becomes the core of a successful digital product or service.

However, it is when you manage to combine usability with great aesthetics that magic happens. Good UI (User Interface, visual design) can increase a website's conversion rate by
up to 200% and with effective UX by almost 400%.

From the Campfire to Digital Interfaces From the Campfire to Digital Interfaces

From the Campfire to Digital Interfaces

Since time immemorial, we have gathered in front of the bright and warming fire and shared our experiences... We have laughed, sung, socialised, warmed ourselves and cooked. Here the fire had a factor to bring us together. This was an amazing experience.

Then came modern society. With mass communication, faxes, telephones, newspapers, TV sets etc... Our behaviour began to change. In the midst of this, in 1989, the World Wide Web was born. And another behaviour began to emerge. Suddenly we became digital...

In 2007, however, something happened that would change our lives forever. Perhaps the biggest behavioural change in modern times. The iPhone was born. And with it a world of apps.

Today there is a service for almost everything we can control via our mobile phones. Such as, our banking, booking travel, buying clothes, talking to friends, listening to music. This has created a whole new set of human behaviours.

The campfire has been replaced by a glowing screen on a mobile phone. But what does this mean for us? Is it negative? Positive? What we do know is that there are endless opportunities in the digital world. But to capitalise on it and benefit from it, you need to understand it. Why this is so important is because no one accepts a bad experience anymore. It's on the user's terms and we need to act accordingly.

To create a great digital service, you need to understand the user at a deeper level. You have to create a seamless and amazing user experience to win in the digital era. The deeper the groundwork, the higher the impact on the target group. And the higher the accuracy, the higher the ROI. And the higher the ROI, the better the investment, leading to higher profitability and a stronger brand.

User experience has become one of the most important means of competition. Use it well.

The importance of User-Centred Design

The importance of User-Centred Design

User-centred design is not just an approach, it is the key to success in digitalisation. It's not just about the surface, but about creating deeply meaningful solutions that truly improve users' lives.

By adopting this approach, companies and organisations can create products and services that are not only beautiful but also truly useful in everyday life. It's about listening, involving and constantly improving based on user feedback.

Understanding users' perspectives is not only important, it's crucial. By entering their world, designers can identify and solve real problems that make a real difference to users.

In today's competitive world, user-centred design is not only a competitive advantage, it is a necessity. By putting users at the centre, companies can create products and services that really stand out and that users love to use. This is the essence of success in the digital age and the key to long-term growth and profitability.

Creating an Outstanding User Experience

Creating an Outstanding User Experience

Thus, creating outstanding user experiences requires careful analysis and research. By understanding users' behaviour, needs and preferences, companies can design digital products and services that truly meet their expectations.

Investment in UX design and user testing is essential to ensure a seamless and satisfying user experience. In many digital projects, about 30% is in the design work and 70% in the development work. In our process, we have reversed this. It allows us to understand the user better and create solutions that actually change and help. At Queenslab we live a little bit by Albert Einstein's quote; "If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes definingthe problem, and only five minutes finding the solution.".

And there is a lot in this, if you don't understand the problem, you can't come up with a solution.

Investment in the future

Investment in the future

Prioritising user experience is an investment in the future of a business. By offering superior digital experiences, companies can build loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and differentiate themselves from the competition. A well-designed digital service can also help reduce costs and increase profitability in the long term. It is therefore important to view user experience as a strategic asset and not a cost.

Interesting facts

Some interesting facts

For a business to be truly successful, its website must fully engage the consumer. Good UX (User Experience) develops and maintains the user's interest, effectively meets the visitor's requirements and thus increases the chances of an improved website conversion rate.

  • Good UI can increase a website's conversion rate by up to 200% and with effective UX by almost 400%.

  • UX statistics show that improved website UX can increase a company's KPIs by over 80%.

  • 75% of website credibility judgements are based on design and overall aesthetics.

  • First impressions are 94% design-related.

  • 70% of online customers abandon their shopping carts due to poor UX.

  • 50% of users will not use an unresponsive mobile site even if it is a brand they like.

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How Queenslab works with UX

How Queenslab works with UX

Are you tired of agencies promising to solve all the world's problems, saying they are the best and yada yada...? Queenslab is different, we are a bunch of innovators, daredevils and problem solvers. We dare to do things in new ways. Mostly because we know that you have to dare if you want to make an impact. Just because something has worked well for 1000 years doesn't mean there isn't a better way. Our approach to UX design is revolutionary. We go far beyond just satisfying users - we create successful business solutions.

At Queenslab, we understand that our clients' success requires more than just user-friendly design. We drive business strategies that deliver results. By setting clear impact goals for each project, we ensure that every investment delivers maximum return.

To not do this is to risk solving the wrong problem and failing to achieve business goals. UX is the core that connects user needs with business strategy. We formulate strategic objectives for each customer interaction to ensure we know exactly where we are going.

By being user-centric, we effectively identify user needs and the challenges we face. We don't just create user-friendly digital solutions, we create inspiring and converting experiences. By creating natural flows within our projects, we ensure that every interaction leads to the desired outcome. UX design is not just a process for us - it is the foundation for successful digital strategies.

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