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ChatGPT is great and has become a vital tool in many of our day-to-day tasks. Its ability to process massive amounts of information and provide accurate and relevant responses in seconds has made it a valuable asset in increasing productivity and efficiency.

In the fast-paced world we live in, getting information quickly and efficiently is critical. ChatGPT has made it possible for individuals to get instant answers to their queries without having to spend precious time searching for information. This has not only saved time and increased efficiency, but it has also enabled people to make faster, better-informed decisions.

It can get expensive

The free, research version of ChatGPT is often facing stability issues and is overloaded several times a day - to reliably incorporate it in the day-to-day organizations would need to pony up the $20 per month and user for access to ChatGPT plus. For us at QueensLab it would mean a monthly bill of $1600 - resources we would rather allocate elsewhere, tickets to Japan for example.


Deploy your own

    We decided to deploy our own chat interface, still leveraging the same powerful models as ChatGPT but running the prompts directly to OpenAI API and managing authentication, prompt design, chat history ourselves. This put our total cost to around $25 per month - for the entire organisation.

It’s all about the prompt

    The quality and accuracy of the information you can extract from ChatGPT is closely related to the prompt you give it, is it acting as a general AI assistant? Is it proof reading a blog post? Is it assisting a developer in writing tests?

    The prompt will greatly differ depending on the use case.

    Based on the fantastic work done in Chatbot UI we expanded the product by adding organization wide default prompts. This has helped optimize our processes and greatly improved our productivity in doing the day-to-day tasks, such as:

    • Proof reading a LinkedIn draft.

    • Enriching experience descriptions when we’re writing our CVs.

    • Translating content, instructions and communication to and from any language.

    • Helping quality assure software and to follow text protocols.

    • Generating funky images of our castle to be used in our SoMe posts.
QueenGPT_2 QueenGPT_1

Exploring it further

We’ll be continuously expanding QueenGPT to be even more integrated in our workflows, adding support for the newly announced plugins and adding new prompts for us to improve our productivity even further.

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