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As you might have noticed, we have a new visual identity! Our CDO Adam Claeson explains a little bit about why we need it and what it means.

So, Adam, why a new brand?

"Well, QueensLab has grown incredibly fast for the last 5 years. At the start Queenslab had a small office with 5 employees. Today we are about 70 employees with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Lisbon. And we continue to grow, this is of course superfun, but it puts some demands on us and our brand.

And you could say we needed to grow up. Many saw us as a small design agency and that’s not who we are. We needed to adapt better to meet the market, clarify our offer and to review our brand. We had simply outgrown our old one and a re-branding was needed."

Our new tagline ”Together we explore the unknown” is a much better fit for us. It explains how we work and our believes."

Where did you find your inspiration?

    I look for inspiration everywhere. I usually look for inspiration in areas I usually don’t work in. I think this makes it easier to come up with new fresh ideas.

    It can be anything from architecture and street art to other designers or fashion and music. The important thing is to dare to be open and influenced by what's happening around you. I also literally live on Pinterest where I find lots of exciting inspiration.

    After working out our new tagline, I wanted to create a pattern to connect it with. I got inspiration from old map books and the topographical pattern emerged. Furthermore, our visual identity needed a re-branding and I wanted to create a feeling of both technology and design, in a friendly and curious way.

"I got inspiration from old map books and the topographical pattern emerged. Which has a very good connection to our tagline"

What does "together we explore the unknown" mean?

We've actually written a manifesto about it...

But in short it’s about our beliefs and how we want to work. Many, many agencies around the world says they now everything, they can do anything, they know exactly how the future will look like. I say that’s that’s bullshit! We want a more honest approach. We don’t now everything. How could we. You don't know what tomorrow has in store. Especially not in the digital world, what's popular today is passé tomorrow.

In our offices, development and design working very closely together, we learn new things every day. Everything from different trends to more productive processes. We lab and explore new things so you (as a client) don't have to. But we also want to work close to the customer. To really understand our customers' needs, we need an open and honest approach. It requires being responsive and sometimes being able to read between the lines. And that's something we are really good at.

Above all, we love working together in our offices and with our clients, and it's together that we want to explore the next big thing...

Why does everyone pretend they know the future?

When digital technology evolves so rapidly, and when trends come and go so fast even the expression spring fashion has played out its role, it is not easy to lay out a plan.

Our reconnaissance is that the best way to prepare for the future is to realize that change is constant and that you will never be able to predict everything. Constantly keeping your ear to the ground, adjusting the roadmap continuously, and curiously exploring what’s ahead is the best way to navigate into the future.

Nobody knows everything, but together we can take the compass direction that makes your business competitive now and equipped for the future.


Together, we explore the unknown.

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