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We are pleased to announce that we are taking QueensLab to Japan. This opportunity is truly exciting. Japan is at the forefront of technology and many exciting things are happening there that we can learn from and be inspired by.

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End station Mars. Next stop Japan.

    Last year we expanded to Portugal and as you can hear, we don't like to make it easy for ourselves. We like the challenge of exploring unique places and countries. We believe that we are challenged and developed by doing so and become better as individuals and as a company. Meeting and collaborating between different cultures and people allows us to learn, be inspired by each other and will lead to true innovation.

    There are other large Swedish tech companies that are good at expanding to places like Skövde, Växjö, and Jönköping, for example, which we think is great. But we are not, and do not want to be, like everyone else. We are unique and take our own path where we can find challenges that lead to more creativity and innovation. As we said, we are on a journey to Mars.

    Part of our culture and vision with a maximum of 50 people per office means that we want to be in many exciting places. Preferably places that inspire. We want to work with a completely different type of global market and be a global player that help larger companies to change the world. We believe we can do this because we find experts in different areas. We believe that with different cultures, and when they are combined, we can create much better products and services. We know that inspiration comes from different sources and that creating teams that work all over the world can create magic.

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Join us on our journey!

At Queenslab, we are dedicated to providing groundbreaking technical solutions to our customers around the world. Our CEO, Stefan Trailovic, has led our company with a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We are convinced that our commitment to these values will translate well to the Japanese market.

As we embark on this new journey, we look forward to building relationships with our Japanese partners, customers, and employees. We are determined to deliver first-class services and solutions that meet the unique needs of our Japanese customers.

We are excited to start this new chapter in our company's history and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Portugal and Japan are just the beginning of our journey to Mars. Join us!

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