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About the client

Andreas Foxx is a Swedish DJ who has been playing records around the world since 1999. Recently, he has been working on some projects to expand his business using digital platforms.

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The Mission

QueensLab's mission was clear: to develop a digital solution that enables restaurants and similar businesses to have a professional, customized music playlist without having a physically present DJ. The DJ crafts a personalized playlist, which then plays in the restaurant for the agreed-upon time frame.

The Challenge

The request was distinct from a conventional music streaming app, which allows users to select, stop, and navigate within music files. Get Foxxy app needs local installation on a specific tablet, and playlists must be downloaded to ensure that music is not dependent on an internet connection for playing.

Additionally, playlists need to be scheduled to play on specific days and within designated time frames, much like hiring a DJ, which means that users cannot make any changes to the playlist. This also involves accounting for various time zones and ensuring that the playlist is ready to play at the scheduled time.

Get foxxy app ipad

The Result

We developed an app as the solution for playing customised songs on iPads in restaurants and bars. The solution overcomes connectivity challenges; playlists are pre-downloaded, ensuring uninterrupted playback for extended periods.

This tailored system mirrors the precision of a live DJ while seamlessly managing diverse time zones, controlling the music schedule, and orchestrating a harmonious experience with punctuality.

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