Grafokett Online 3.0 platform

Type of project

Architecture/ Development / UX / UI

Our contributions

Architecture/ Development / UX / UI / Project Management


About the client

Grafokett offers a complete concept for everything related to labels, from advanced software to printers and ribbons, for customers in the manufacturing industry in many different sectors.

"We needed a completely new platform to face the future."

Olof Hultberg, CTO, Grafokett

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The Mission

At the time of signing the NDA in early 2018, Grafokett was already offering a solution – a predecessor version called Grafokett Online 2.0. This version of the platform had many different problems. First of all, it was not really a cloud platform but pieces of desktop software running on local machines with some connectivity.
QueensLab got the job to create the Grafokett Online 3.0 platform.

"A new modern tech stack opened up new possibilites thanks to QueensLab"

Olof Hultberg, CTO, Grafokette

The Challenge

The earlier versions of Grafokett Online had a few issues. In many companies where label printing is essential, questions about who can print what, where and how has become increasingly demanding and is a symptom of structural problems in many logistics and supply chain processes.

  • It required technical and problem-solving skills to install, i.e., required a local install by a Grafokett service technician
  • For every new printer, a new local driver installation was required
  • Different levels of complexity in the user flows in connection with the IAM.
  • The software solution was heavily dependent on Windows and on deprecated browser technology (Internet Explorer and ActiveX)

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The Result

The Grafokett Online 3.0 Platform enables printing directly from the cloud.

Grafokett have all templates and data separated and centralize it in the cloud. The templates and the data follow the accounts, not the physical machines.

A label management solution from scratch. Cost effective solution regardless if you use a Windows, Mac or something else. With the power of NiceLabels technology in creating labels we make labels available in the cloud for all label printers in the world.

A brand new solution with a new modern tech stack and this has opened up new possibilities to work with new APIs.

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