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Happy at work

About the client

Happy at Work is an easy-to-use HR service that helps organizations to improve communication with their employees in a simple and fun way.

They offer a survey can be done in only 10 seconds! You can keep connected to your employees and collect continuous feedback about their work situation with simple and insightful questions.

This allows managers to keep track of the current climate at the workplace by providing intelligent algorithms and alarms for negative and positive trends. With both an organizational overview and a strong focus on individuals, you will always have full control of the state of health of your organization.


André Francois, COE at Happy at Work

Happy at Work sign Happy at Work material

The Mission

Happy at Work was in a situation where they had grown rapidly. They wanted to go from start-up to scale-up. The company has had the same design and communication since the start and now it was time for a update of the brand.

Happy at Work had long worked with QueensLab as an extended part of their own development team, which gave QueensLab a deep understanding of the brand. The brief was clear: over the 2020 Christmas holiday season, a new brand and website would be made. Users and new customers would be greeted with a completely new and updated look and feel after the Christmas break.

Happy at Work app
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The Challenge

The biggest challenge with the whole project was the short time frame. In less than a month, the entire job was completed - from comprehensive research, rebranding, design and development. This was possible to implement due to previous deep collaborations and the fact that Happy at Work and QueensLab had long experience of working together in the past.

"I don't think it would have been possible to pull it off like we did with another agency. Queenslab already had all the knowledge about what kind of company we were, where we wanted to be and where we were going." says André Francois, CEO at Happy at Work and continues:

"That way we could save a lot of time. That's how we overcame the absolute biggest challenge who was the short timeframe of the project."


André Francois, COE at Happy at Work

Happy at Work branding Happy at Work branding - sign

The Result

The result was a new concept - where the core was based on joy. The product that Happy at Work sells is about being able to measure employee happiness and motivation. Which resulted in a design language that was built on joy and happy people. A completely new communication concept with a new style of cheerful colors and people. QueensLab also set a completely new graphic identity and a new brand book.

"How well a project succeeds depends on the actual collaboration with us as the customer and supplier. In this case, it worked incredibly well and was a happy (at work) combination. Now we know each other on an intuitive level, which made the work both easier and more fun and, above all, faster than it would have been otherwise."

"With this type of project, you can clearly see how important it is to have long-term partnerships. I believe that long-term partnerships many times shorten lead times for start and stop and make the work so much more fun and better. On the other hand, you should of course be open to bringing in new suppliers and trying new collaborations - but it is always important to strive for that long-term partnership. I think that's smart." says André Francois, CEO at Happy at Work.


Happy at Work - street sign
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